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Whether you’re a leader seeking to grow successors or a professional charting your career course, our leadership development programs will shape your career, your organization and your future. 

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To intentionally move your career forward, you need to take ownership. We can help you build your leadership skills that make you a strategic force, empowering you with confidence and clarity.  

Aspiring Professional

You’ve planned, worked hard and landed a professional role that excites you and encourages you to grow. Now, you want to know what’s next and how to navigate your career path with intention and purpose. 

Through our training, you’ll have a guide who can help you feel both grounded and inspired. You’ll learn how to create a network of supporters, mentors and advocates within your organization, so you can make your voice heard and build a strategic path to meaningful work and success.

New Managers

Stepping into a management role for the first time can be overwhelming. If you’re unsure where to start, leading others begins with leading yourself and actively pursuing continued growth and development. 

We’ll help you identify your leadership style, then develop your leadership skills, so you can connect with your team, earn their loyalty and become the leader they love to follow and support. 


Leader Seeking Growth

You’ve started a career and are moving along through the day-to-day, but you want to connect with a higher purpose and you want to create a career that you love and that inspires you.

Organizations desparately need strategic thinkers and problem solvers. We help our clients develop a strategic mindset and polished communication skills, so they can emphasize their value, showcase their talents and earn a seat at the executive table.

Executive Building A Legacy

You’ve put years of blood, sweat and tears into your company and your career. At this stage, you’re most concerned with making sure your efforts were meaningful, that you were able to communicate the importance of your work in a way that will ensure it lives on. 

Our coaching will build your confidence and executive presence, so you can feel empowered to live your vision and values.

And, we’ll teach you how to present those values strategically and effectively, so your team will start living them as well.


Are you seeking leaders who can think strategically and strengthen your business? Our leadership development programs transform employees into leaders who are confidently prepared to enact the values they hold close.

Organizational Development

As a leader, you want to see your organization filled with strategic thinkers who collaborate and connect. You know your business will only be successful in the long-term if you can pass your passion and dedication on to the team you’ve built. 

By bringing your management team together for leadership development, you’ll make sure they “speak the same language” when it comes to your company’s vision. You’ll be empowered to develop a team that’s unified and working toward the same goals. 

Building Bench Strength

Succession planning is a hot topic, and 70% of companies say they have issues keeping their high performers. You want to gain and retain up-and-coming leaders in your organization; you do this by making sure they understand and buy in to your values, vision and roadmap.

When you ensure your internal team has the opportunity to develop, you’ll create an organization that’s more resilient and ready to grow. You’ll build the leaders and the future you want by committing to the team you already have. 

Growing Your Own Leaders

The job market is competitive, and you may have difficulty finding the leaders you need to keep your business moving forward. According to HR industry leader Sage Business Cloud People,  84% of HR leaders say they’re struggling to recruit the right talent and fill their teams with high performers. 

Our programs help you to build and train your leadership team from the inside out, which yields both stronger leaders and better employee retention. Instead of focusing your efforts solely on recruiting new faces, you can put your resources toward growing the people who are already committed to and invested in your company’s values and vision. 

Creating Unity & Cooperation

If your team is dealing with internal communication issues, power struggles or lack of engagement, it can be a serious drain on your resources. It’s important to have everyone on the same page, so internal struggles don’t push you off-course. 

Our customized coaching solutions can address cultural issues that keep your teams from working together effectively. We help teams learn to use their strengths; maximize their collective energy; and recommit to a unified vision of success. 


Let’s Work Together

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching gives you the benefit of a hands-on guide as you find and develop your personal leadership style.

Get targeted support for your most pressing challenges. Need help now? Check out our Just-in-Time Coaching option.

Corporate Coaching

Group coaching allows you to make leadership development integral to your organization’s culture and values.

In this collaborative partnership, we’ll work with you to build and grow the leaders who will move your strategic vision forward.

Momentum Memberships

With our Momentum Membership, you can access and review our coaching programs at your own pace.

Get access to online courses, self-assessment tools, expert advice, and more when and where is most convenient for you.

Our Commitment To You

Collaborative Approach

Working together is a skill that’s necessary for a coaching relationship, as well as for day-to-day interactions with your colleagues.

Our coaches model collaborative problem solving to lead by example and sharpen your skills.

Open Communication

Everyone doesn’t communicate in the same way, and our coaches respect differences in communication style.

We focus on providing clear expectations and being open listeners when connecting with clients.

Conflict Management

We may not always agree on strategies or tactics for growth, and that’s okay.

Our coaches are committed to sharing information & being open to listen and discuss positively and respectfully, even on topics where our viewpoints differ.

Trust-Based Relationships

Trust is the basis of all good relationships, and is essential to ensuring clear communication between you and your coach.

We’re committed to being honest and transparent, so we can move forward together.

Abundant Creativity

Creativity helps you bring a plan of action to life.

We believe in creating a space and relationships where you can feel inspired about your career opportunities; creative thinking is a big part of the process.

Passionate Professionals

Passion is the key to creating a career that you truly desire, and one that invigorates you.

During our time together, our coaches are committed to helping you find that passion, then put it into action.

What Our Clients Say

Elizabeth has been delivering training and coaching with us for 6 years. In addition to developing and facilitating trainings, she’s been able to capture insightful information from our leaders, giving us a better pulse on how they feel about the organization. 

Sybil H., Manager, DRAEXLMAIER Automotive of America

It was one of the most important and pivotal trainings in my career. Not only did it show the generic hard facts of being a leader but it also gave me deep knowledge of emotional intelligence which, in my opinion, is the number one skill all leaders need to develop and work on daily. 

Veronika S., Account Manager, ITW

Elizabeth is very straightforward in interactions, gains a rapid understanding of the situation and provides confidence in solutions through her interactions.

Elizabeth’s coaching has helped our team identify and develop our individual strengths and enhanced our team collaboration. 

Debbie G., Contingent Resource Solutions

Elizabeth’s presentation was helpful to understand the different types of communication styles.

The interview practice session enabled me to become comfortable with the types of questions that can be expected by providing a general “blueprint” of how to answer behavior-based questions.

Stephan K., Graduate Student

Elizabeth instructs several of our Human Resource and Training and Development Certificate Programs, as well as our Professional Development Series.

Elizabeth’s role has grown increasingly more significant, as her course topics and delivery continually draw much interest and outstanding evaluations.

Not only have I enjoyed working with Elizabeth, but all of my colleagues within Continuing Education look forward to working with her each time she instructs, as her attitude and demeanor are both professional and positive. Most importantly, her class evaluations (given by the participants) are some of the best we receive throughout the year.

Samantha A., UNC Charlotte Continuing Education Program

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