What’s better than spending twenty years in Corporate America?

Someone else spending twenty years in Corporate America and relaying back to you her hard-fought lessons to help expedite your leadership journey.

So here I am – sharing my absolute passion (women’s leadership) and endeavoring to help you get stronger, more focused, and more deliberate about what you want out of your career.

I am on fire morning, noon, and night to help women move into key leadership roles. It just makes sense.

I’ve been on earth long enough to know that women have incredible skill and aptitude, and if we are given the opportunity and access we can change the world.

I have developed this platform – EJC –  to do my part. I take this very seriously. As you get to know me I believe you’ll catch on to my heart for women – a passion that has been shaped by many years and experiences. This life has held for me both tragedies and triumphs, yet I wouldn’t trade the challenging days because they’ve birthed within me a deep-seated resolution to become all that I am and to help others do the same.

My hope for you as you journey through your career and life is that you will get clear about the WHY of what you do. Whatever space you fill – whether new on the professional scene or entering the twilight of your career- embrace and love what you do.

So here are a few quick but powerful tips as you set out on your leadership journey (many more to come!):

  1. Strengthen yourself by building great relationships, especially those with female counterparts, because as women, we get it– we get each other.
  2. Strengthen those around and under you. When you do this you inevitably create the very wind that pushes you higher.
  3. Get over the moment and get on with the movement. AKA don’t sweat the small stuff. AKA keep it moving. No more pettiness and eye rolls. Women must support one another. When we intentionally move each other forward WE create a wider space for all women. Our communities, our countries, and our world need our unlocked potential.

I aim to provide the resources, support, and knowledge to help you get there. But I need your help – I want to know about your challenges and triumphs so that I can rally an even bigger community of women behind you. I encourage to give your input.