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Women Who Thrive: Global Leadership In A Competitive World

Webinar: October 13, 11am EST

Even when companies make investments in leadership development, there’s still more that must be done to advance women and to move them into leadership roles, whether that means as first-time managers or C-level executives. 

During this online event, leadership and talent development experts Elizabeth Jende Chevalier, Alex Rizzuto and Dr. Shanaysha Sauls will discuss how women need to support and advocate for each other and for themselves. 

Learn how to position yourself, coach yourself and build networks of influence that will move you toward the leadership roles you want.

Expect to join in a lively discussion about leadership development, organizational excellence, culture, and more.

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Upcoming Podcast


Don’t tell anyone, but Elizabeth is launching a podcast this fall. She doesn’t have a name for it yet, but it will cover all things leadership.

Want the details when it launches? Or want to be a guest on her show? Share your contact details and you’ll be the first to know.

And about that don’t tell anyone thing…just kidding – tell anyone you think will be interested!