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Elizabeth’s Expertise

When Elizabeth speaks, people listen. In fact, her clients call her a “dynamic and captivating presence” and a speaker who “simply electrifies her audience.”

Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, high-energy, unapologetically honest presenter who connects and fires up her audiences as she shares her expertise regarding developing leaders and building effective teams. She’s candid, forthright and focused on creating and refining leaders. 

Elizabeth commands attention and communicates with both straight-forward intensity and compassionate connection. The result? Conversations that empower listeners and give them actionable steps to create long-term success.

Along with passion and energy, Elizabeth also brings a wealth of knowledge to her speaking engagements. Elizabeth has more than 20 years experience identifying and strategically developing leaders, both in the corporate world and as a business coach. She is available for both in-person and virtual events, and can speak on a variety of topics, including:

Transformative & Empowering

Starts Important Conversations

Unapologetically Honest

Powers Up Audiences

Witty & Challenging

Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Most Requested Topics

Positioning For Powerful Leadership

Motivational focus on understanding yourself, so you can understand how to inspire and guide others. This presentation is a launching pad for creating a strategic plan and reaching your career aspirations.

Get To Great: What Women Do To Move Each Other Forward

Our workplaces are more dynamic and powerful when women support one another. This presentation focuses on the connections and critical conversations you need to have with other women, so you can  build a network of influence and support one another’s growth.

Creating A Culture That Wins

Corporate culture can make or break a business, and it starts from the top. This topic strategically focuses on executive/leadership teams and how to take organizations from talking about culture to living it. 

How Great CEOs Stay Grounded

CEOs have not outgrown feedback. Instead of living in a corporate echo chamber, empower your team to give you their greatest gift – their honest thoughts about the organization and their roles.

This topic focuses on executive/leadership teams. You’ll learn how to listen to feedback with emotional intelligence, so you can create an organization filled with loyal, engaged team members.

Women Who Lead From Strength. Women Who Move With Power.

This topic focuses on helping women express their passion, find their calling and reinvent themselves to find the success they crave. Presentations are focused on energizing women to move forward and to create a positive sphere of influence.

Mapping A Career Takes Strategy

This topic is geared toward helping millennials and other young workers to create opportunities for themselves. It highlights ways to strategically differentiate yourself and create lasting alliances along the path to success. 

Pick Up Your Power: Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Too many people are working hard for their success, but still feeling like they don’t deserve it or like they’re not prepared/equipped to keep advancing. This topic focuses on building confidence, influence and emotional intelligence so teams and individuals can move forward and succeed.

Leverage Your Strengths. Lead With Purpose.

Leadership doesn’t have to look identical in order to be effective. The best leaders develop their own leadership style that’s built on their strengths and that harnesses their individual communication style to connect and gain influence.

Elizabeth is also able to present on a variety of other topics related to leadership, strategy and culture. If you’re interested in covering a specific topic in a keynote speech, reach out with the details and Elizabeth may be able to craft a presentation specifically for your audience.

What People Are Saying

Elizabeth captivates audiences like no other. Her ability to inspire women to transform, support one another and lead from a posture of authenticity is not only empowering but enlightening to the soul. She speaks from a depth of experience that is tangible and she ignites a room with her electrifying energy!

Her speaking capabilities are dynamic and captivating. She is a must-have to your event.  

Kimberly M., CEO

Elizabeth is always full of energy; she keeps the group engaged in dicsussion, pushing each of us to grow and want to learn more and improve ourselves.

Her message feeds your intellect and she leaves you wanting to learn more. 

Chip V., Director

Elizabeth shared invaluable insights about her experiences as a leader and provided great examples that the audience clearly appreciated. Her spontaneity during the Q&A was one of the most exciting interchanges I’ve seen between a speaker and audience!

Elizabeth excels at transferring her leadership expertise and experiences to others in an engaging and authentic way.

Tan D., President

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