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You want to be the best possible leader, team member and employee you can be. You want to inspire others, gain their trust and respect, and become the type of leader they’ll love to follow and support. You’ve been looking for a mentor to guide and support you along this journey. 

That’s why we’re here. Take control of your leadership potential and development by joining Momentum with EJC Move. Our online, members-only leadership development group connects you with training, resources, and support that will empower you and boost your momentum on the road to leadership success. 

Ongoing Support for Your Development

As an leader seeking to move your career forward, you need to work on your development regularly. You need to read, learn, connect and get feedback to be the best you can be.  

Momentum is meant for you. In this private membership group, you’ll receive access to leadership development courses, skills assessments, videos, leadership interviews and other exclusive content. You’ll be able to learn and develop at your own pace, as well as to connect directly with the EJC Move coaches to ask questions, get feedback on workplace interactions and more.

Elizabeth gives candid feedback in a respectful manner and holds you accountable. As my personal coach, Elizabeth helped me tremendously to improve my executive presence and become a better leader.
Bogdan I.

Executive Leader

Elizabeth has become one of my dearest mentors.  She has taken me under her wing to assist in developing me, coaching me and motivating me to be the absolute best that I can be.
Brittany S.

Corporate Executive

Self-Paced Courses

While our self-paced course catalog will continue to grow and evolve, courses will typically fall into four overarching categories: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Organizations and Leading Talent.

Upcoming courses include:

Emotional Intelligence: The Other Smart Emotional intelligence is at the heart of leadership success. This course focuses on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

New on the Journey of Leadership: Understanding your Authentic Leadership Style It can be difficult to adjust from being an individual contributor to being a leader responsible for a team’s success. This course highlights the different types of leadership styles and encourages participants to identify their own.

Bridging Generational Gaps to Drive Performance Working with multigenerational teams requires appreciating, exploring, and utilizing everyone’s unique differences.

The course highlights the four generations currently in the workplace and the opportunities to increase collaboration and partnership.

Understanding the Business Platform: Get Serious about Being Seen as a Strategic Partner Designed for HR professionals, this course focuses on knowing the vision and strategy of your organization and learning to leverage resources and relationships to ensure your organization’s success.

Format & Frequency

With our self-paced courses, you take control of your own learning and leadership development. These online programs can be taken at your own pace and give you an opportunity to hone your leadership skills in whatever amount of time you have available.

Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment tools are designed to create an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Once you honestly evaluate your skills, strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be ready to focus on the right areas as you continue your development. Some of the assessments available include:

Are You Coachable?   An assessment to help you prepare for a coaching session and to move you toward the proper mindset for coachability and growth.

DISC   The DISC assessment provides insight into your communication style, the ways you connect with others,  and the ways you prefer to receive feedback.

Emotional Intelligence   This assessment helps you assess which voices are in your head and which types of thoughts define your mindset. The Emotional Intelligence assessment is designed to help you identify the thoughts and self-talk that may enable or hinder the development of your emotional intelligence.

How Good Are Your Decision Making Skills?   This assessment provides insight into the effectiveness of your decision making and how well you are able to influence others, gain support, and lead teams.

Please Note: These are free self-assessments that will be included in the Momentum group. You will also have an opportunity to purchase guided assessments/assessment debriefings so you can purchase, complete and review assessments with a coach, then build a plan of action. 

Ask An Expert

Our Pledge

When you need guidance or feedback on a situation, Momentum with EJC Move is here to provide you that support.

All Momentum member questions will be evaluated and answered within a 1-business day turnaround. That means we’re here to give you feedback when you’re wondering how to approach a challenging coworker relationship, prepare for a coaching session with a team member, or make a request for additonal responsiblilties.

Is there anything that’s off-limits?

Our experts can support questions about general leadership best practices, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, executive presence and more.

Areas that we can’t cover in the group are those that might relate to confidentiality or specific business practices. For example, we won’t discuss specific team members or personal issues in the group, or cover in-depth business practices like department restructuring or budgeting. For more in-depth support, our Just In Time coaching might be a better fit.

Topics that are off limits (specific advice about personel or department restructuring).

Quarterly Online Workshops

What Topics Will These Videos Cover?

Momentum with EJC Move videos are designed to provide actionable advice for developing leaders. The content ranges from specific behavioral changes meant to improve your leadership skills to inspirational conversations with driven, highly successful business leaders. Upcoming topics include:

Leading from where you are   You don’t have to be a leader to put your leadership skills to work. Showing your dedication to leadership can improve your chances of success whether you’re a student, a new employee, or a tenured executive.

Leading virtual teams   In today’s business world, technology can allow us to work from anywhere. As leaders, our responsibility is to ensure we’re keeping our company culture intact even when our teams aren’t all in one place.

Resetting goals in a time of life/career change   When you have a major life or career change on the horizon, take time to look at yourself and your resources, and to determine where you want to be next.

Risk-taking as a function of self-confidence   Risk can be scary, but embracing it can also be a catalyst for growth.

Format & Frequency

Each quarter, we’ll offer a live virtual workshop with Elizabeth, our coaches, and/or other business leaders.

These coaching segments will be available for you to participate in, and replays will be uploaded to the Momentum site so you can review at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Curated Leadership Library

The Magazines

Part of being a great leader is being a great reader. Our curated leadership library includes articles from scholarly publications, thought leaders, newspapers, leadership development blogs and more – all designed to give you food for thought and insight for growth.

Self-leadership   Guidance for personal and professional growth.

Leading others   Information you can use to connect with your team, inspire their loyalty and coach them effectively.

Leading organizations   Company culture, business trends and more – all focusing on making your organization the best it can be.

Leading talent   Trends, compliance and success stories from the world of HR management.

Confidence   Advice and practical tips on building and demonstrating confidence.

Communication   Best practices for communicating well, whether in conversations, presentations, or writing.

Elizabeth pushes you out of your comfort zone, in a good way. She has given me advice to address situations that I thought were out of my control. Her feedback is so valuable.
Kathrin K.

Finance Leader

Elizabeth carries the greatest virtue a coach can have: being a great listener. Not only does she listen but she also drives the conversation to a productive outcome…and guides the coachee to great final results

Veronika S.


Frequently Asked Questions

What You Should Know about Momentum with EJC Move

How much does membership in Momentum with EJC Move cost?

Membership in the Momentum with EJC Move private leadership development group is available at an annual cost of $152. As part of your membership, you’ll receive access to the group’s training courses, interactive online video sessions, discussion forums and more.

What makes Momentum with EJC Move different from other coaching programs?

Momentum with EJC Move provides value by being a constantly available and accessible resource. Leadership development shouldn’t be a one-time investment; it should be a part of your daily life. Momentum really does help you by providing momentum, keeping you on track and moving forward in your pursuit of leadership excellence.

What if I don't have much time to devote to the program right now?

The Momentum with EJC Move group is designed to support you at whatever level of time and dedication you’re currently able to give. The courses are go-at-your-own pace; the video segments are available either live or on replay; and the forum is available to provide support when you need it.

Will I get one-on-one interaction with Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is active in the Momentum with EJC Move online group, responding to leadership questions, connecting and providing advice/feedback.

In addition, Elizabeth has also invited a select group of seasoned business leaders to participate and provide feedback in group discussions, so you’ll have access to their wealth of knowledge and experience as well.

Do I need to be at a certain career level to benefit from this group?

Momentum with EJC Move can benefit professionals at a variety of different career stages. The interviews with business leaders, the group discussion forums and the access to leadership development experts are all invaluable support resources for business professionals seeking to grow their leadership potential.

Connect, Learn & Lead!

Annual Membership

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Take control of your leadership potential & development by joining our online, members-only leadership development program. We’ll connect you with training, resources and support that will empower you and boost your momentum on the road to leadership success.

If you’re a corporate leader wanting to purchase multiple memberships, you’ll find those here.

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Your purchase of an annual membership helps others lead themselves down a new life path.

When you sign up for an annual membership, EJC Move will donate a Momentum annual membership to a woman working to exit and heal from a domestic violence situation.