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If you have a strategic goal of getting your team members on the same page and moving forward together, EJC MOVE provides group training programs for corporate teams. Using our International Leadership Academy Program (ILAP), we’ll work with you and your team to enhance trust, strengthen relationship and work together for constructive change.

Group coaching benefits organizations by: 

  • Encouraging the development and improvement of processes, services and products
  • Increasing team functioning and maturity
  • Developing leadership and management capability
  • Building and accelerating the organization’s learning capacity: sharing intelligence across generations and levels of employees
  • Breaking down the silo mentality among departments
  • Fostering a culture of ongoing learning
  • Encouraging peer consultation and collaboration
  • Optimizing goal accomplishment at the personal, group, and organization levels
  • Positively impacting the bottom line

Group coaching benefits group members by improving their capacity to:

  • Promote systems and strategic thinking
  • Build proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving planning, and time management
  • Enhance group facilitation and process skills
  • Deepen trust and collaboration among peers and across departments as members gain an understanding of the issues, motivations, and intentions of colleagues and stakeholders
  • Improve interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback
  • Develop emotional Intelligence
  • Inspire creative thinking
  • Teach how to navigate the white water of organizational politics
  • Maximize leadership assessments when 360º surveys are completed prior to the start of group coaching
  • Enhance personal flexibility and adaptability; respond effectively to change
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  • 8 bimonthly, 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • Up to 12 Participants
  • 1 Assessment; 1 hour debrief session; 1 Book
  • Light refreshments for each session
  • Unlimited emails in between sessions
  • Private group chat

BONUS: One 60-minute individual coaching session with each member

Following the submission of your request, a EJC MOVE team member will contact you to request additional details and discuss your business needs.

Additional Individual Coaching is available at a 20% discount for Group Coaching participants.



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