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Why Consider Just In Time Coaching?

When you’re at a crucial point in your career development, you need clarity. You need action. You need a path forward to improve your situation and your prospects. 

Just In Time Coaching empowers you to build on your strengths – right now. By working with our coaches, you’ll gain clarity and get information – NOW – to make the changes, create solutions and keep your forward momentum.

And, with Just In Time Coaching, you are in control of the partnership. You choose the coach whose experience fits your needs, then build your relationship with them and benefit from their years of knowledge and expertise.

Identify Critical Issues

Whether you’re looking for guidance when communicating with your team members, building a confident sales pitch for your business or working to develop an organizational structure that makes sense for your organization, our Just In Time coaches can help you build the framework and key messages you need to be successful.

Clarify Your Priorities

Working with a Just in Time Coach can help to clarify your goals so you can chart your path forward. You can determine which areas you want to focus on – like developing confidence, improving conflict resolution skills, team leadership or goal setting –  then map out immediate steps with your coach to start seeing progress. 

Receive Expert Guidance

When you’re preparing for something big, you may want a set of outside eyes and ears to evaluate the information you’re sharing. Our Just In Time coaches can help you find opportunities to improve and perfect the information you’re sharing. 

Develop An Immediate Action Plan

You can’t make it to your end goal without a map to help you get there. Just in Time Coaching can empower you with an immediate plan of action, so you can move forward and identify the tools – job searching, leadership development and more – that you need for your next big move.

How Will Just In Time Coaching

Help Me?

Capacity Planning

Optimize your productivity by understanding your capacity, so you can work within your strengths and maximize your efficiency.

And, learn to effectively manage capacity for an organization or team so you can get the most from your efforts. 


Confidence & Assertiveness

Do you know what you want? How comfortable are you in communicating those desires?

Work with a Just-In-Time Coach to strengthen your confidence and assertiveness, all the while earning trust, building influence and using your power.

Work Life Balance

Meeting with a Just-In-Time Coach can provide clarity on your top goals – both personal and professional.

When you understand your goals and priorities, you can integrate them more successfully into your life, and work wholeheartedly to achieve them. 

Workplace Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness increases productivity, reduces stress and fosters stronger communication and relationships.

When you meet with a Just-In-Time coach, you can learn strategies to create space for mindfulness & alternative stress management in the workplace.

Conflict Management

Conflict is stressful, but healthy conflict management can build stronger relationships, earn trust and loyalty, and create lasting influence.

With a Just-In-Time Coach, you can learn tactics to manage challenging conversations and handle conflict with grace.

Priority Management

In an always-on, meeting-centric working world, time management can feel impossible.

By focusing on and developing strong priority management skills, you’ll increase productivity and garner better results, all the while positioning yourself as a strategic-minded leader.

Meet Our Coaches

Carmen Afronie

Languages: Romanian. English. Location: Romania.
Coaching Topics: Performance. Executive. Life/Personal. Employee.
Frank Grand

Carmen is a solutions focused coach who supports organizational development initiatives and corporate leaders to achieve company goals and objectives.

She has more than 17 years of experience in human resources, international manufacturing, and consulting. Carmen enjoys supporting leaders as they navigate resource planning & budgeting, job evaluation & assessments, training & succession planning, and recruitment & selection. Her specialty is enabling leaders to use existing resources to make quick progress toward short and long term goals.

Please note: Carmen is an international coach and her time zone is six hours ahead of EST.

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Diana Bacanu

Laungages: English. French. Spanish. Catalan. Romanian. Location: Barcelona.
Coaching Topics: Performance. Career. Skills. Life/Personal. Employee. Wellness.
Sam Yankelevitch

Diana has held global leadership roles across a variety of HR areas, including strategy, well-being, cultural change, leadership development, employee engagement and business partnerships.

In her roles, Diana has been responsible for large-scale training and employee engagement campaigns, including leading the global well-being strategy for a 180,000+ employee multinational organization.

Diana’s corporate experience, along with certifications as a mindfulness therapist and nature guide, give her a unique perspective as she helps her clients to build sustainable well-being strategies that support and develop human potential. 

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Col. Frank Grand, USA, Ret.

Languages: English. Location: South Carolina, USA.
Coaching Topics: Career. Life/Personal. Employee. Wellness.

Frank Grand

Frank is an executive/life coach and trainer who helps people and organizations attain maximum effectiveness.

His 35+ years of experience include work with military, government and business leaders. Frank is passionate about helping others to excel at work, at home, in the community, and in the world.

Frank’s experience both in the military and in business allow him to support those seeking career transitions and hoping to capitalize on their training and experience when entering a new field.

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Sandra Hayes

Languages: English. Location: South Carolina, USA.
Coaching Topics: Performance. Executive. Career. Life/Personal. Business. Skills (HR | Training | Consulting). Employee.

Sam Yankelevitch

Sandra is a strategic and results-oriented OD professional with more than 25 years experience working in international organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Sandra excels at aliging human resource management systems with business objectives to create optimal outcomes, and is experienced at implementing high-impact organizational change solutions.

Sandra’s strengths include assessing organizations, then developing leadership programs designed to meet specific competency gaps; and designing and implementing coaching and mentoring programs that develop talent in support of succession planning strategies. 

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Melissa Worrel

Languages: English. Location: Iowa, USA.
Coaching Topics: Performance. Executive. Career. Life/Personal. Business. Employee.

Sam Yankelevitch

Melissa is a seasoned business leader with a diverse background that includes entrepreneurial efforts and significant leadership roles in large corporations. 

Melissa excels at working with businesses to grow their market share, increase profits, lower expenses and improve client retention. She focuses on leadership development, teamwork and culture to improve organizations’ outlooks, profits and long-term success.

Melissa’s strengths and areas of expertise include franchising, leadership, business development, business ownership, career transitions, strategy and developing emerging leaders.  

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Sam Yankelevitch

Languages: English. Spanish.
Coaching Topics: Performance. Executive. Business. Skills.
Sam Yankelevitch

Sam Yankelevitch is an author, trainer and speaker, whose expertise is focused on the problems organizations are experiencing in the increasing complexity of supply chains in the 21st century. In his most recent corporate role, as a former VP and general Manager of a German automotive supplier, Sam was responsible for the company’s US and Mexico operations.

Sam has designed several training programs such as Bridging Cultures to Drive Performance, Lean Communication, and A3 Effective Problem Solving Systems for Global Teams. Program participants range from project and program managers, operations personnel, purchasing and supply chain professionals and human resource professionals.

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Just in Time Coaching Investment

Your Just in Time Coaching sessions are an investment in your career and personal success.

Session pricing starts at $100/half-hour. Once you’ve established your relationship with your coach, you’ll have the opportunity to build an ongoing partnership. Once you find the right fit, talk with your coach about discounts for booking multiple sessions.