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Trying to land a first career-track job, move into management or find an executive-level role that fits your experience?

Our job search coaches can guide your efforts, define what differentiates you, and hone your executive presence so you can know your worth and land the role that fits your unique talents.

Who Needs A Job Search Coach?

It’s a competitive marketplace and talented, diligent workers will always be in demand. A job search coach can guide your search for a position that fully utilizes your talents, that has potential for growth, and compensates your fairly. 

New Graduate

As a new graduate, the entire career world is open to you, and your biggest reponsiblity is deciding which field and position will give you the best opportunitites in the future. A job search coach can help you develop a list of companies and positions to target, determine salary expectations, and evaluate opportunities for connection within your existing personal and professional networks.

Mid-Career Professional

As a mid-career professional, you may have some decisions to make, including whether to move into a leadership/management role or to focus exclusively on technical expertise. Your job search coach can help you shape your resume and cover letter to fit the path you choose, then work with you to identify and connect with the right positions, companies and networks.


If you’re in the running for an executive position, you have one chance to make a favorable first impression. Working with a job search coach, you can craft your resume and cover letter, create a compelling narrative about your experience, and prepare for interview conversations that will showcase your past successes, leadership philosophy, strategic mindset and culture fit.

How A Job Search Coach Can Help

Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn

Work with a job search coach to craft a resume, cover letter and online profile that will highlight your experience and position you as a strong candidate during your job search.

Packages include an initial consultation to discuss goals and gather information; development of a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile; and up to two rounds of edits/revisions.

Job Search Strategy

A job search strategy session can help you focus in on opportunities that fit your current experience, as well as determine which ones may be most beneficial to reaching your future goals.

Job search coaching also focuses on leveraging personal and business networks to reach your career and salary goals, and finding opportunities/training to support your career development.

Interview Coaching

Work with a job search coach to exude confidence and executive presence in your interview. You will analyze your experience and create a narrative around your successes and career path – highlighting the experiences that make you a compelling candidate.

Coaching sessions may include research, message development, interview practice and verbal/non-verbal communication critique.

How Do I Get Started?


Choose Your Coach

EJC Move job search coaches have deep experience supporting clients through career transitions and advancement opportunities. Our coaches are all able to support diverse client needs, and you may find a certain coach aligns best with your personal experience, such as transitioning from the military, climbing the internal corporate ladder, or making a move to a different field or industry. 

As you review the coaching team, decide which professional best fits your needs and prepare to move forward.


Pick Your Package

You can select any combination of job search coaching resources through the EJC Move website.

Choose the options that fit your needs; the website is designed to allow you to build your own customized job searcher package.


Meet With Your Coach

We know job searchers are ready to move fast, so we’re ready to jump right in when you are. 

Before you meet with your coach, it can be helpful to gather information that you’ll use during your meeting, including your previous job experience, prior resume versions and any specific positions or industries that hold special interest for you. The more information you have prepared to inform your meeting, the better your coach will be able to support you in your job search endeavors.  

Meet Our Coaches

Dr. Eleanor Hooks

Reinvention Career/Life Coach

During her 30-year tenure as a business consultant working with industry-leading organizations, Eleanor has become known for expertise in leadership and team development.

She focuses on innovation, creativity, intercultural understanding and excellence in leadership.

Eleanor is passionate about inspiring others to envision loftier leadership possibilities and to have the confidence to create a reality that consistently exceeds that vision in all aspects of their lives.

Frank J. Grand III

Career Transition Expert 

Frank is an executive/life coach and trainer who helps people attain maximum effectiveness.

His 35+ years of experience include work with military, government and business leaders. Frank is passionate about helping others to excel at work, at home, in the community, and in the world.

Frank’s experience both in the military and in business allow him to support those seeking career transitions and hoping to capitalize on their training and experience when entering a new field.

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Job search coaching packages are tailored to your current career stage. From looking for a first job, to seeking your next promotion to leading at a senior level, our coaches provide customized services designed to support you.

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