Have you ever been caught up in a moment when everything just felt right?

At that moment you felt peace and contentment – you felt like you could relive that experience over and over. Perhaps your heart leaped. “Finally! THIS is what I’m made for.”

I call this place Holy Ground. Holy Ground happens when you are in alignment with your purpose.

In this place, you know that you know that you are on the path to doing what you have been made to do.

I found this place by spending quiet meditative time, prayer time, with God. Perhaps your spiritual source is Buddha or Mohammed or your inner self. You find this place by quietly and openly asking “Who am I?” or “Why am I here in this place, in this space right now?”

When you find your Holy Ground it is a beautiful, peaceful, strong, and vibrant place. There is a peace there that surpasses all understanding. You may sense both power and humility in knowing that this is your calling, especially when it involves serving and creating a better way for others.

You’ll know you’ve found your Holy Ground when sheer joy arises from the simple act of doing your “thing.” You’ll have no other expectations – no monetary expectations, no status expectations, and no recognition needed. Rather you’ve found something better – pure joy from the act of doing it, the presence of your spiritual source, God. You’re on Holy Ground.

For me, there are a few moments when I feel most deeply rooted in my Holy Ground.

When I am living my passion by speaking about women empowerment, and encouraging people toward their place of purpose on this earth – I’m on Holy Ground. You see I feel closest to my God there than any other place because I feel His light and presence.  In this place, there’s an abundance of love and it’s humbling.

I feel that God’s light is shining on me because I have chosen obedience and receptivity to His call for me. When I’m speaking I feel love for the ACT of speaking, but also a genuine love for the people around me, my audience. I feel that His presence has taken over my words and thoughts, and even my heart. This unending, untiring love that He has for us – for each of you- flows through me. I call this “flow and grow.”

I know this is my Holy Ground because Elizabeth, in her own flesh and ego-driven body, is incapable of holding this type of love for others. But in my flow, I am transformed and am a vessel so that God can manifest in me his work for me. This is the sweet spot, my dear friends.

My Holy Ground may look and feel different from yours. Indeed most people would not imagine public speaking as their joyful place ?

However, there are some common denominators that exist when you’ve found your place.

1)     You’ll be in peace.

2)     You’ll find a new confidence. You can do it and will do it because Someone else is holding you and working through you.

3)     You’ll experience love. This is not only a love for the act but a genuine love for those you are serving because of it.

If you haven’t experienced this yet I’d like to challenge you to begin paying attention to the moments when you are doing something that brings you complete joy and contentment. Write it down and reflect on it so the next time it comes to you, you’ll recognize it.

But don’t stop there. When we do what we love – we thrive. So my hope is that you’ll find what you love, and do it more. This is when your job ceases to be just a transaction. This is when Mondays become exhilarating.

I’m inspired to hear personal accounts of women finding their Holy Ground.

Question: When do you feel that you are on Holy Ground?