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Individual Coaching And Development

Leadership Essentials: Leading Myself 

Enroll in Individual Courses or Complete a Certification

Our individual coaching programs focus on defining your personal leadership style, so you can use it to effectively share your strategic vision with your colleagues, team members and company leaders.

Leadership Essentials 1 (ILAP) Certification Program

Our Leadership Essentials Certificate Program combines our International Leadership Academy Program with a mixture of workshops, group coaching, and individual coaching. 

You may also purchase courses individually. The series includes Personal Excellence and Emotional Intelligence; Effective Communication using DISC; Genuine Leadership; Influence without Authority; Grace Under Fire: Conflict Management; and First Time Leader.

Personal Excellence and Emotional Intelligence

In this course, we will identify your emotional intelligence (EQ) score and guide you through strategies for increasing your EQ, so you can become more effective at managing relationships. 

The skills developed in this leadership development course are the foundation of all the other work you’ll do to grow your leadership potential.

Effective Communication Using DISC

Each person has natural behavioral and communication preferences. By understanding your own communication style, you’ll be able to more effectively lead and influence others.

During this leadership development course, you’ll also learn how to learn to appreciate individual differences and strengths, and to more effectively interact with others to gain credibility and support.

Genuine Leadership

When you can clearly identify your leadership style, you will have greater confidence and clarity about how you lead. And, when you know yourself, you can set expectations that give your team members and colleagues a clear understanding of your style, and that cement their loyalty.

Genuine Leadership covers the basics of leadership effectiveness; outlines different leadership styles; then guides you to feel comfortable using them at work to increase your influence.  

First Time Leader

Moving into a new role can be overwhelming, as you learn to navigate new teams, colleagues and responsibilities. With our “First Time Leader” training, you can successfully transition, and can meet the changing expectations of your boss, peers and direct reports with confidence.

You need a road map to guide you; we’ll help you create your plan and goals for the first 100 days in your new position, and beyond.

Influence Without Authority

You can’t always make things happen at work by just pushing them through. Instead of demanding authority, you need to create influence. 

With the skill set you’ll gain from this leadership development course, you’ll learn how to influence your boss, colleagues, employees and senior leaders. You’ll develop strategic approaches to influencing others, building strong relationships and creating a support network.

Grace Under Fire: Conflict Management 

Effective conflict is a mutually respectful open dialogue of opposing views. Ineffective conflict occurs when we fail to operate from that respectful platform and become stuck.

In this leadership development course, we will review the processes necessary for effectively managing conflict with a win/win approach. We will explore the fundamentals of conflict, the different styles of conflict and how to best navigate through them.

Why Work With Us

communicate with purpose

You’ll learn more than just speaking up or making yourself heard.

We’ll guide you to articulate your strategic vision in a way that inspires trust and loyalty.

advance your career

Career advancement doesn’t always follow a traditional path.

Through our program, you’ll develop transferrable leadership skills to help you succeed in any role. 

showcase your value

Strategic thinkers leverage opportunities to demonstrate their value and ability.

The mindset you’ll develop through our program will keep your career moving forward. 

Online Leadership Development 

Resources To Grow Your Skills In A Way That Works For You

Our online leadership development programs combine the expert guidance of our EJC MOVE team with flexibility that allows you to complete the program regardless of your location or other commitments. 


Peer To Boss

When transitioning into a management role, you must navigate relationships carefully. 

This course teaches strategies for getting your team on board quickly and with confidence. 


Speak Up        Stand Up

The way you speak can have a tremendous impact on your success. 

This course teaches strategies for effective, confident communication that will help you lead, inspire and advance. 

Lead With          Confidence

As a new leader, you need to identify your leadership style and unique voice. 

This course teaches strategics for acting and speaking with influence as you inspire your team and colleagues.


Increased Motivation from Coaching

Elizabeth makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and express thoughts and feelings that lead to discovery. I learn from her in each coaching session and leave with renewed motivation.

I really feel that Elizabeth cares a great deal about my development and shares in my successes sincerely. This kind of relationship is priceless with a coach.

Leonard P., Quality Engineering Executive

Taking Control, Moving Forward

She pushes you out of your comfort zone, in a good way.

She has given me advice to address situations that I thought were out of my control. Her feedback is so valuable to me.

Kathrin K., Finance Leader

Improved Executive Presence

Elizabeth gives candid feedback in a respectful manner and holds you accountable. As my personal coach, Elizabeth helped me tremendously to improve my executive presence and become a better leader.

Bogdan I., General Manager, The Americas

Personalized, Direct, Applicable

The most important and best aspect of the training was that it was not generalized for everyone. This information was as specifically directed at each individual as possible. This directness kept me entrenched because I didn’t know what was coming next that I didn’t know about myself.

I have reminded myself everyday of something I read, saw or heard during the classes and I’ve been able to apply it directly to situations at hand.

Jerry H., Logistics Plant Supervisor

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