Develop THE LEADERS You Need

Group Coaching For Corporate Teams

Group Coaching Programs

Developing The Leadership Skills Your Team Needs

Our group coaching programs focus on building a culture of leadership within your organization, and growing your employees from participating team members to strategic business leaders. 

Lead With Confidence 

This leadership development program is designed especially for new and emerging leaders working to discover their leadership style and develop their voice.

By participating in this program, you’ll learn strategies to act and speak with more influence and confidence; and you’ll gain insight for inspiring your people to want to come to work and perform at their best every day.

Executive Positioning Now

In this group coaching program, your guide will focus on strategies for being recognized and considered for key senior leadership roles; honing your emotional intelligence skills; and developing your own group of emerging leaders.

You’ll also benefit from the relationship and network you build with your fellow group participants.

Corporate Group Coaching

If you have a strategic goal of getting your team members on the same page and moving forward together, EJC MOVE provides group training programs for corporate teams.

Through this partnership, you can stimulate constructive change, break down silo mentalities and foster a culture of collaboration. Group coaching can also include individual sessions with team members to assist with personal development and goal setting.

Why Work With Us

Develop Valuable Resources

In a competitive workforce, employees crave the opportunity to be heard, to learn and to make a difference.

Our program achieves these goals and increases their loyalty and their value to your company. 

Align Your Corporate Vision

Create synergy within your teams by defining your organization’s strategic vision and leadership style.

Then, work through our leadership development program to implement strategies that create value.

Create Strategic Leaders

A leadership development program is a commitment to the long-term health and success of your organization.

A willingness to strategically grow and develop can position your organization for lasting success.

Corporate Consulting Partnerships

Receive Support That Strengthens Your Organization

Whether you’re seeking to align your corporate vision, find common ground or create efficiency in your processes, you need a partner who has the experience and perspective to support you. EJC MOVE offers consulting solutions to unify your organization and build  strategies for success.

HR Process Efficiency Consulting

You know where you want your organization to be. Let us help you get there. We provide expertise to support your company’s goals of developing leaders, unifying culture and messaging, and strategically positioning your organization for success.

M&A Culture Change Management

During a merger or acquisition, EJC MOVE partners with corporate leadership teams to implement smooth cultural transitions. We work with you to consolidate your mission, vision and values, then support you as you use them to unify your teams.

Culture Strategy And Alignment

EJC MOVE works with corporate teams to develop and implement the strong and vibrant corporate culture they want. We view your business efforts through a strategic lens and move your organization from talking about culture to living it.

Customized Leadership Development

We needed a leadership initiative that we could launch across the organization. Very quickly, Elizabeth assessed the needs of our organization and caught my vision.

With great intuition and knowledge, Elizabeth created our Leadership Development Program – designed and customized for 120 first-to-midline leaders. The program’s execution was over and above my expectations.

Sybil H., Organizational Development Manager

Supportive, Collaborative Coaching

Elizabeth’s group coaching session was remarkable. At our company we were at a place in management where we needed help. As many know, communication within a management team (or any team in general) is critical and without that, it is hard to succeed.

Elizabeth assisted our team with communication, supporting one another and assisting one another in reaching goals. Her coaching sessions were very beneficial and has improved our company in many more ways than one.

Brittany S., Controller


Building Stronger Working Relationships

Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge in her field and she is always sharing ways for her clients to improve. This proves that she is a true believer in what she does and she stands behind it.

In group coaching, Elizabeth is able to ensure that everyone in that team is participating and benefiting from the sessions. She has a great ability to bring the team together and keeps us on track to improve our working relationships.

Ericka D., Plant Manager

Developing Life-Changing Skills

The methods of learning about oneself in order to be able to understand how to best fit and/or lead the team is a skill I use every day both in professional and personal life.

This is a life changer if the skills are properly deployed inside and outside of your workplace!

Clifton B., Logistics Manager


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