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You want each of your employees to be the best possible leader, team member and employee they can be. You want them to inspire others, gain the trust and respect of their peers, and become the type of leaders people love to follow and support.

You’ve been looking for a partner in building your leadership pool.

That’s why we’re here. Take control of your leadership development process by making Momentum available to your employees. Momentum is our online, members-only leadership development group that connects your team with training, resources and support to empower and boost the leadership acumen in your company.

$300 $152/participant/year. Want to enroll several employees? Discounts start at 5 seats/year.

Just-In-Time Coaching

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Just In Time Coaching is a powerful tool for getting the best results from your employees. 

With this coaching partnership, your employees receive 1:1 guidance from expert leaders. They can empower your team members to develop clarity about their goals and  develop actionable plans for success. 

Just In Time Coaching allows you to give your team members resources to make quick changes. Instead of waiting for an annual performance review or investing in a multi-year leadership program, Just In Time Coaching gives them the tools they need to create solutions and keep moving forward. 

$100/half-hour. $200/hour. Discounts start at 5 hours/month. Hours can be pooled between employees in your organization.

Just-In-Time Coaching

Momentum + Coaching

The world of work is changing, and your leadership development programs need to change with it. Through Momentum + Coaching, you can provide your team members with a support system that’s adaptable to their needs.

The program offers both self-paced online courses and regular quarterly 30-minute coaching sessions. Employees have consistent support throughout the year to create solutions and achieve their goals.   

$500/participant/year. Want to enroll several employees? Take a look at our Leadership Institute. 

Just-In-Time Coaching

Customized Training

Does your organization have areas that you’re seeking to shape, strengthen or improve? We all do. 

Our customized training programs give you access to our coaches’ best offerings and areas of expertise in a way that supports your leadership development and business goals.

We’ll work with your HR leaders to build live virtual training sessions around the issues you’re facing in your organization. Instead of looking for an out-of-the-box solution to fit your needs, build the solution that specifically addresses your company’s needs, so your teams can work together most effectively.  

Prices start at $500/hour for live training programs delivered virtually.

Just-In-Time Coaching

Leadership Development Planning Consultation

Each organization has different needs, based on their industry, employee population and current events. In order to maximize your leadership development programs, you need to build a system that’s founded on a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. 

By scheduling a strategic leadership development planning consultation, your HR team can work with our coaches to develop a plan focuses on your most pressing needs – shifting culture, improving communications, building bench strength and more.    

Prices start at $350/hour and include consultant planning & post-session follow-up.

Just-In-Time Coaching

Leadership Effectiveness Assessments

Evaluating yourself is valuable, but you get more out of an assessment if you work together with a professional to analyze your results and create a plan of action. 

Our leadership assessments are used in connection with coaching and debriefing sessions. While we offer a variety of leadership assessments, our most frequently used ones include The Harrison Assessment, DISC and the 360 Leadership Versatility Index.

Knowing yourself is the first step that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. Let us help you get there, as our coaches guide your insights on your current skills and create a path forward that builds on your strengths and experience.

Prices for facilitated leadership effectiveness assessments vary and include a debriefing session. 

Why Work With Us

Develop Valuable Resources

In a competitive workforce, employees crave the opportunity to be heard, to learn and to make a difference.

Our program achieves these goals, increasing their loyalty and  value to your company. 

Align Your Corporate Vision

Create synergy within your teams by defining your organization’s strategic vision and leadership style.

Then, work through our leadership development program to implement strategies that create value.

Create Strategic Leaders

A leadership development program is a commitment to the long-term health and success of your organization.

A willingness to strategically grow and develop can position your organization for lasting success.

Leadership Institute

Receive Support That Strengthens Your Organization

Whether you’re seeking to align your corporate vision, find common ground or create efficiency in your processes, you need a partner who has the experience and perspective to support you. EJC MOVE offers consulting solutions to unify your organization and build  strategies for success.

Corporate Leadership Development Portal

Keep your emerging leaders engaged with the program and each other through your custom leadership development portal. Team members can log in, access courses & self-assessments, see their progress and more. 

1:1 Coaching

Give your employees access to highly individualized leadership support and guidance. Monthly or quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions allow them to focus on specific goals and to build personalized action plans for success.  

Custom Group Training Programs

Large-program corporate partners work with our coaches to determine which leadership topics are most critical to the organization’s success. EJC Move coaches will provide a customized 90-minute virtual training program for these organizations. 

Leadership Development Toolkit

Our corporate partnerships include on-demand leadership development courses and assessments, so your team can manage their learning resources as their schedule allows. This option has been especially beneficial for organizations who have had to make changes in their training programs due to the pandemic but who still recognize the value of leaderhship development for their up-and-coming leaders. 

HR Leadership Planning Consultation

As a part of our corporate partnerships, our coaches meet regularly with your organization’s HR leaders. These discussions ensure coaching programs are on track and that topics relevant to your organization’s current events and priorities are being covered in your personalized sessions. 

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